JIALTO Adhesive Hooks Heavy Duty Wall Hooks, Nail Hooks for Hanging, Bathroom and Bedroom Hooks for Wall Without Drilling

JIALTO Heavy Duty Adhesive Wall Hooks

Overview of the JIALTO Heavy Duty Adhesive Wall, Nail Hooks for Hanging Without Drilling

JIALTO Heavy Duty Adhesive Wall, 10 Pack: The JIALTO Adhesive Hooks offer a practical and efficient solution for hanging items without the need for drilling. Made from a combination of stainless steel, ABS, PVC, and strong adhesive glue, these hooks are designed for heavy-duty use, capable of holding up to 8lbs. Whether you want to hang coats, hats, towels, or decorative items like photo frames and clocks, these hooks can securely keep your items in place.

These hooks are perfect for use on smooth surfaces such as glass, tile, metal, and wood. However, they are not recommended for painted walls as they may peel off the paint. Installation is straightforward: simply clean the surface, peel off the film from the back of the hook, and press it firmly for 30 seconds. For optimal adhesion, wait 12 hours before hanging anything on the hook.

Removing the hooks is just as easy. Use a hairdryer to heat the glue, which allows for traceless removal without damaging your walls. The hooks are designed to be safe and smooth, preventing any scratches or damage to your clothes or body.

JIALTO adhesive hooks bring simplicity and convenience to your home. Their ultra-strong adhesive ensures your items stay securely in place, eliminating the need for tools or drilling. Whether you're organizing your wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, these hooks can help you save space and keep your home tidy.

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JIALTO Heavy Duty Adhesive Wall Hooks for Hanging, 10 Pack:

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