Sony Bravia-2 Series 43-inches S20B 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B : Specifications and Review

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Sony Bravia 2 43-inch S20B 4K LED Google TV K-43S20B
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Sony Bravia 2 Series 43 inch S20B 4K Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B:

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Sony Bravia 2 Series 50 inch S20B 4K Smart LED Google TV K-50S20B:

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Full Review of the Sony Bravia 2 Series 43 inches S20B 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B

Sony BRAVIA 2 Series 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B (Black) Review:

Premium Quality for Indian Consumers

The Sony BRAVIA 2 Series 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV (model K-43S20B) is tailored to meet the needs of discerning Indian consumers. Offering a premium viewing experience, this TV combines Sony's renowned picture and sound technologies with smart features, ensuring top-tier entertainment at home.

The Sony BRAVIA 2 Series K-43S20B is a premium 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV designed specifically for Indian consumers. This model, launched in 2024, offers a remarkable viewing experience with a sleek design and high-end features. The TV sports a narrow bezel design, enhancing the immersive viewing experience. With a 3840 x 2160 resolution, the picture quality is crisp and detailed, complemented by Live Colour™ Technology and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer for vibrant and lifelike visuals. The 4K Processor X1™ ensures smooth performance and excellent clarity through 4K X-Reality PRO technology, making even standard content appear closer to 4K quality.

In terms of audio, the TV is equipped with two 10W full-range bass reflex speakers that deliver clear and powerful sound, supported by Dolby Audio for an enriched audio experience. Connectivity options are robust, including three HDMI inputs, a digital audio output, and USB ports for various multimedia connections. The TV also supports modern features like eARC, ALLM, and Bluetooth 5.0. The Google TV operating system offers access to a wide range of apps through the Google Play Store, including popular streaming services. Built-in Chromecast and compatibility with Apple AirPlay further enhance its smart capabilities. The TV's design and features are tailored to meet the needs of Indian consumers, combining premium quality with user-friendly smart functionalities.

Picture and Sound Quality:

4K Ultra HD Resolution: With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, the TV delivers stunningly sharp and colorful images. The 4K Processor X1™ enhances color, contrast, and clarity, upscaling even older HD content to near-4K quality.
4K X-Reality PRO and MotionFlow XR 100: These technologies further refine image quality by reducing noise, enhancing details, and providing smoother motion, making every scene vivid and lifelike.
Live Color and HDR10/HLG: Enjoy rich and natural colors with Live Color technology, while HDR10 and HLG support provide deeper blacks and brighter highlights for an immersive viewing experience.

Audio Performance:

20 Watts Output with Dolby Atmos: The TV features a 20W sound system with Dolby Atmos, delivering immersive audio that complements the stunning visuals. The Clear Phase technology ensures clear and natural sound, enhancing dialogue and sound effects.
Open Baffle Speaker and Ambient Optimization: The Open Baffle Speaker design and Ambient Optimization technology automatically adjust sound settings based on your environment, providing optimal audio quality.

Smart TV Features:

Google TV: Access a wide array of content from apps and subscriptions, organized just for you. Google TV also offers personalized recommendations and easy content discovery.
Built-In Google Assistant and Chromecast: Control your TV with voice commands, search for content, and manage smart home devices with Google Assistant. Chromecast built-in allows you to cast content from your smartphone or tablet directly to the TV.
Game Menu and ALLM/eARC (HDMI 2.1 Compatible): Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with the Game Menu and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). The TV is also HDMI 2.1 compatible, supporting eARC for high-quality audio.

Durability and Connectivity: X-Protection PRO: This feature protects the TV from dust, humidity, power surges, and lightning strikes, ensuring durability and longevity.
Multiple Connectivity Options: The TV includes 3 HDMI ports for connecting set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles, along with 1 USB port for hard drives and other USB devices. It also supports Apple AirPlay, Apple HomeKit, and Alexa for seamless integration with other smart devices.

Specifications at a Glance:

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz
Audio Output: 20W, Dolby Atmos
Smart Features: Google TV, Google Assistant, Chromecast built-in, Game Menu, ALLM/eARC, Apple AirPlay, Apple HomeKit, Alexa
Display Technology: 4K LED, 4K Processor X1, Live Color, 4K X-Reality PRO, MotionFlow XR 100, HDR10/HLG
Connectivity: 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Durability: X-Protection PRO
Sound System: Open Baffle Speaker, 2ch, 2 Full Range (44.5 x 106mm), 2 Subwoofers
Additional Features: Built-in mic, ambient optimization, 1-year warranty


The Sony BRAVIA 2 Series K-43S20B is a high-quality 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV tailored to meet the needs of Indian consumers. It stands out with its impressive display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, powered by the 4K Processor X1™, which ensures superior picture clarity and vivid colors through technologies like Live Colour™ and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer. The TV's sleek design, featuring a narrow bezel, adds to its aesthetic appeal, making it a centerpiece for any living room. The inclusion of HDR10 and HLG further enhances the viewing experience by delivering deeper contrasts and more realistic visuals.

In terms of audio, the K-43S20B delivers clear and powerful sound through its dual 10W speakers, supported by Dolby Audio. Connectivity options are comprehensive, with multiple HDMI and USB ports, eARC/ARC, Bluetooth 5.0, and Wi-Fi capabilities, ensuring seamless integration with various devices and streaming services. The Google TV operating system provides access to a wide range of apps via the Google Play Store, and built-in features like Chromecast and Apple AirPlay enhance its smart functionalities. With its combination of premium picture quality, robust sound, and smart features, the Sony BRAVIA 2 Series K-43S20B offers excellent value for consumers seeking a top-tier television experience.

The Sony BRAVIA 2 Series 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B offers an exceptional viewing and listening experience for Indian consumers seeking premium quality at an affordable price. With advanced picture and sound technologies, a plethora of smart features, and robust durability, this TV is designed to provide top-notch entertainment and seamless integration with modern smart home systems. Whether you're watching movies, streaming content, or gaming, the BRAVIA 2 Series ensures an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Sony Bravia 2 Series 43 inch S20B 4K Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B:

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Sony Bravia 2 Series 50 inch S20B 4K Smart LED Google TV K-50S20B:

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Full Specifications of the Sony BRAVIA 2 43-inch 4K UHD Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B

Sony BRAVIA 2 K-43S20B TV Full Specifications:

Model Year: 2024

Dimensions and Weight:

Screen Size (inch, measured diagonally): 43 (42.5)
Weight of Package Carton (Gross): Approx. 11 kg
Weight of TV without Stand: Approx. 7.8 kg
VESA® Hole Pitch (W x H): 200 x 200 mm
Dimension of TV without Stand (W x H x D): Approx. 971 x 575 x 77 mm
Dimension of Package Carton (W x H x D): Approx. 1,051 x 671 x 143 mm
Screen Size (cm, measured diagonally): 108 cm


HDCP: HDCP2.3 (for HDMI™1/2/3)
USB Drive Format Support: FAT16/FAT32/NTFS
HDMI Inputs Total: 3 (2 Side, 1 Rear)
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): No
Composite Video Input(s): No
RS-232C Input(s): No
Subwoofer Output(s): No
Digital Audio Output(s): 1 (Rear)
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM): Yes (for HDMI™3)
USB HDD Recording: No
HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC): Yes (eARC/ARC)
RF (Terrestrial / Cable) Connection Input(s): 1 (Side)
Headphone Output(s): No
Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4 GHz/5 GHz
USB Ports: 1 (Side)
Wi-Fi Standard: Wi-Fi Certified 802.11a / b / g / n /ac
Chromecast Built-in: Yes
BRAVIA Sync (Including HDMI-CEC): No
Apple HomeKit: Yes
Features Specified in HDMI2.1: eARC/ALLM
Bluetooth Profile Support: Version 5.0, HID, HOGP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP
Ethernet Inputs: 1 (Rear)
Apple AirPlay: Yes

Picture (Panel):

Display Resolution (H x V, Pixels): 3,840 x 2,160
Display Type: LCD
Backlight Type: Direct LED
Viewing Angle (X-Wide Angle): No
Backlight Dimming Type: Frame Dimming
Panel Refresh Rate: 50 Hz

Picture (Processing):

Colour Enhancement: Live Colour™ Technology
Contrast Enhancement: Dynamic Contrast Enhancer
HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatibility: Yes (HDR10, HLG)
Video Signal Support: Multiple resolutions up to 4K
Clarity Enhancement: 4K X-Reality PRO
Picture Modes: Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game, Graphic, Photo, Custom
HDMI PC Input Signal Format: Various formats up to 1920 x 1080
Picture Processor: 4K Processor X1™
Motion Enhancer (Native Hz): Motionflow™ XR 100 (Native 50 Hz)

Sound (Speakers and Amplifier):

Speaker Configuration: Full Range (Bass Reflex) x 2
Speaker Type: Open Baffle Speaker
Audio Power Output: 10 W + 10 W


Eco Dashboard: Yes
Application Store: Yes (Google Play Store)
On/Off Timer: Yes
Voice Search: Yes
Smart TV: Google TV™
Sleep Timer: Yes
Operating System: Android TV™
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG): Yes
On-board Storage (GB): 16 GB
Teletext: Yes

Power and Energy Saving:

Power Consumption (in Standby): 0.5 W
Dynamic Backlight Control: Yes
Power Saving Mode / Back Light Off Mode: Yes
Power Requirements (Voltage / Frequency): DC 19.5 V, 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz


Bezel Colour: Black
Bezel Design: Narrow Bezel

Built-in Tuner:

TV System (Analogue): B/G
TV System (Digital Terrestrial): DVB-T/T2
Tuner Channel Coverage (Digital Terrestrial): VHF/UHF
Number of Tuners (Terrestrial / Cable): 1 (Digital / Analogue)
Tuner Channel Coverage (Digital Sat): Intermediate Frequency 950-2,150 MHz
Number of Tuners (Sat): 1
TV System (Digital Cable): No
Tuner Channel Coverage (Analogue): 45.25 MHz-863.25 MHz
TV System (Digital Sat): DVB-S/S2


Audio Description (Audio Key): Yes
Screen Reader: Yes
Closed Caption: Subtitle
Accessible Initial Setup with Talkback: Yes
Text Magnification: Yes
Talkback: Yes
Voice Search: Yes
Switch Access: Yes
Accessibility Shortcut: Yes

Sony Bravia 2 Series 43 inch S20B 4K Smart LED Google TV K-43S20B:

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Sony Bravia 2 Series 50 inch S20B 4K Smart LED Google TV K-50S20B:

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